Experienced an obstacle that was immediately handled and resolved. Appreciative of all efforts made to accomodate my father! Compassionate, attentive services! Thank you!

Marilyn S.

All the staff was great, especially Jennifer during surgical scheduling! Evelyn was also very helpful!

Paul C.

I find the doctor and staff to be top-notch and second-to-none in this field to be my experience. I will refer my family and friends to VRMNJ.

Pastor N. P. Jr.

Thank you for fitting me in right away! I never find service like that at doctors offices anymore. You provided old-style service and I thank you!


I am very pleased with their service!

Linda G.

We love Dr. Doshi. He is so attentive and easy to read.

Jose P.

Dearest Dr. Doshi

Thanks for all you have done you’re truly god sent…and I will never forget you.



Dear Dr. Doshi

To lose my sight? Unimaginable. That someone could save it? Astounding. My right eye thanks you, and the rest of me thanks you as well. Throughout these months of healing, I have been haunted by the old proverb, “Now that my house burned down, I have a much better view of the mood.”

Best Wishes, Forever Grateful,

Judith S.

Dear Dr. Doshi,

It was about a year ago that I had my retina detachment when I was in New York. I thought I would let you know that recently had a cataract removed, as had been anticipated, and my vision is great!

Thank you again, for your care and skill when I had my retina surgery last year!

Best Regards,

Tom S.