Our Equipment

To ensure outstanding patient care, our office is equipped with some of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available.

IDyourIRD from Spark TherapeuticsThe only way to confirm you have an inherited retinal disease (IRD) is with a genetic teste. Through the ID YOUR IRD gene testing initiative, Spark Therapeutics supports people living with certain IRDs by providing genetic information that can empower their decisions. The ID YOUR IRD panel tests for mutations in approximately 250 genes that are known to cause IRDs. Terms and conditions

Heidelberg_laserThe Heidelberg Spectralis OCT provides high-res images and video sequences that allow us to gather even more information about our patients. The video allows us to document the dye filling the vessels and the quality of this process means we need less dye to get an excellent image. We can also perform simultaneous FA and ICG and enhance our patient experience just a little more by cutting down in time in front of camera and invasiveness (discomfort and risk).

MicroPulse Laser Therapy can safely and effectively treat patients with retinal disorders. In contrast to conventional laser treatment – that while effective, can result in tissue burns and resultant permanent and often progressive scarring that can cause visual loss – MPLT reduces or eliminates treatment risk with less patient discomfort. Therefore it can be repeated as needed without harm to the patient’s vision. MPLT is performed as an outpatient procedure. It is painless, requires only anesthetic eye-drops to administer, and eliminates the risks and side-effects of conventional laser and medical therapy treatment.


OPTOS California is one of our most exciting additions to our examination process. This unprecedented wide-field, non-mydriatic device is just spectacular to see in action. There has been a profound explosion of retinal imaging technologies over the past decade and particularly within the last 5 years. VRMNJ has been in a unique position to participate in that growth and development since opening in 2011. The Optos might be the closest thing to a paradigm shift seen in ophthalmology since the OCT in terms of its impact on clinical procedure and patient care.

Cirrus Spectral Domian OCT ScannerThe Cirrus Spectral Domian OCT Scanner produces high-quality, high-resolution images of the retina, thereby enhancing diagnosis and allowing for individualized treatment plans.

Zeiss ViscuCamThe Zeiss ViscuCam Takes color photographs of the eye that can be interrupted for routine clinical use as well as screening.

Visulas 532sThe Visulas 532s is a new generation green diode laser that is ideal for retinal photocoagulation in treating a variety of retinal diseases including diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears.