Our Equipment

To ensure outstanding patient care, our office is equipped with some of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available.

Cirrus Spectral Domian OCT ScannerThe Cirrus Spectral Domian OCT Scanner produces high-quality, high-resolution images of the retina, thereby enhancing diagnosis and allowing for individualized treatment plans.


Zeiss ViscuCamThe Zeiss ViscuCam Takes color photographs of the eye that can be interrupted for routine clinical use as well as screening.



Visulas 532sThe Visulas 532s is a new generation green diode laser that is ideal for retinal photocoagulation in treating a variety of retinal diseases including diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears.


MDIntellesys (MDI) is an Ophthalmology-specific true cloud-based EMR that allows access to records anywhere without a large IT infrastructure.